Natural Candle + Solid Perfume 20%OFF

352 lei 440 lei

Offer your significant other a sensorial and fragrant experience that is hard to forget! We put together this GIFT BOX at a discounted price that includes our gorgeous natural-scented candle and a solid perfume of your choosing.

Handpoured Non-GMO soy wax candle scented with 100% natural fragrance. Sparkling citrus notes blend with warm coconut vibes and woody notes for a gourmand, sunny, and luxurious feel. 


Approx. 212 grams
Burning Time: 30 - 40 hours


The solid perfume is made from beeswax and 100% natural oils that come in a solid form and a generous case. Use it on pulse points to experience the effect of the Holy woods, the sensual Rose, or "the out of this world" Jasmine.

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