We are redirecting 20% of our profit taxes to plant trees

We have a deep love and respect for our natural world and the environment and we think that even small individual actions count when it comes to protecting nature and avoiding unnecessary waste.

we are launching the Refill/Reuse Program.

1. Don't throw away the 30ml perfume bottle!We want it back in order to re-use it. You will receive a 20% discount code and you can either request a refill using the same bottle that it will look likenew or you can use the discount code for a new 30 ml perfume. Just let us know that you want to use this program and we will give you the instructions on how to proceed next. 

2. If you already purchased our candle and if the beautiful ceramic support now sits empty somewhere we would be more than happy to do a refill! Even better, you will benefit from 20% OFF from the original price with your new purchase. Just let us know and we will do the rest! 

If you think we can do more actions or just want to share sustainable ideas for our business, please don't hesitate to contact us!