3 x Room Perfume

572 lei 637 lei

3 x Home Scent 100 ml

Through its invigorating aroma, (re)START helps you start your day feeling energized and stimulated. Excellent to use in your car to cool the air or spray on your bed sheets. (re)START has the power to change the unwanted scent in your home with a new, refreshed one smelling of freshly peeled citrus fruits.  

How do you create a precious moment? Take Sandalwood, this meditative and extremely precious wood and Jasmine, this rich and sensual flower and blend them together. Add a bright bergamot trace to open this elegant symphony and a deep ambery touch that will linger quietly, for you to enjoy. 

A coffee break is always welcomed and enjoyed by everyone. It helps you move the focus on something else, and gives you a new perspective on things. It helps you relax but also feel energized. This is what we want you to feel when perfuming your environment with Coffee Break. You will be embraced by notes of coffee and cookies, the scent that tempts you every time in your favorite coffee shop. This time at home!

Cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, with no added synthetic preservatives or denatured alcohol. 

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