(EN) Things you need to know about botanical perfumes

Hello, Perfume Lover! You landed here driven by your passion for perfumes. Who doesn't like perfumes, after all? Perfumes have the power to transport us to hidden worlds, to bring back sweet memories, or to influence our mood for the day. But what about botanical perfumes? Are they any different? Here are some things you need to know. 

What is a botanical perfume? Botanical perfume is made using only plant-based ingredients. This means no animal-derived ingredients, synthetics, or preservatives are added to the mix. Only essential oils, CO2 extracts, absolutes, resins & balsams, tinctures. We have everything we need to get creative with what Nature provides. Resins and balsams have very strong fixative power. Some ingredients are great blenders and act as a bridge between essences. Others, if used with moderation, have the power to give character to the blend. Then, there's the heart of the perfume...

Due to the complex structure of pure essences (one single material may contain hundred different aromatic molecules), botanical perfumes have the power to be rich and opulent - sometimes perceived as dense and heavy by the faint-hearted. As for synthetic molecules, they are created to be linear and uniform - no surprises there.

How long it will last? A common mistake we often do is to compare to the longevity of commercial perfumes. Phthalates are responsible for the longevity of your perfume - chemicals that have the power to enhance the strength of aromas that stick to your skin for a long time. Due to their volatile nature, natural materials are not meant to last for days. Of course, a well balanced natural perfume can last 10 hours or more. But then, there's the "x" factor - the wearer. Our skin has a lot to do with the longevity of the perfume. The level of water, type of food, the body chemistry - all play a small role. Luckily, no one stops us from spraying our favourite scent multiple times a day. 

Once you have your hands on a botanical perfume, give it time. Allow it to unfold on your skin and let it tell you the full story. Allow your senses to adjust. The invisible power of nature will find ways to awaken your consciousness. 

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