Discovery Set "True Nature" Collection

$33.00 USD

The TRUE NATURE collection features our first 7 releases. Unpredictable, raw, and at times boldly unapologetic, these scents effortlessly transport you away to the very core of the natural world, where you can feel it pulsating on your skin. Much like nature's ever-evolving beauty, these fragrances will surprise you with their complexity as they unfold on your skin.

This Discovery Set includes the fragrances from our TRUE NATURE collection:

Smoked Sunday
Oakmoss Tabac
Opera 9
Green Maremoto 
Woody Piperine

The best way to test them is to wear each perfume (one at a time) over the course of a few days and decide which one fits your personality and mood. 

Our perfumes are cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly, with no added synthetic preservatives or denatured alcohol. 

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